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Animals Crosswords

Animal Crosswords is a fun and educational app for children just beginning to learn to read and spell. Your child can both play and learn at the same time!

The game includes 56 crossword puzzles with more than 300 of the most common words children learn to spell in the beginning, but there are also some tricky words of course! The crosswords are divided into eight animal groups:

● Sea
● FarmDjurkorsord app
● Jungle
● Pets
● Small animals
● Birds
● Forest
● Zoo

Each crossword has one animal as a theme, so your kid will learn 56 animal names when they havecompleted all the crossword! With the help of images of words your child can practice spelling loads of words. Each crosswords can be solved over and over again. The crosswords in each animal group increase in difficulty. Easy in the beginning harder at the end.

As more and more crosswords are solved, new levels are unlocked.

In each crossword puzzle your child can easily:

● Switch between uppercase and lowercase letters
● Display the entire alphabet or only those letters that appear in the crossword
● Clean up the crossword and start over
● Go to a new crossword

In the parental control settings you can:

● Reset all crosswords
● Show/Hide correct letters in crossword (used for small children who can´t spell completely yet)

The game includes few explanatory text. It is easy and intuitive for children to use the game!

If your child gets stuck in a crossword puzzle, you can switch to another one without having to start over. Everything is saved until you complete the crossword.

For your child´s sake, the game is completely ad, link and in-app purchase free.


Animals Crosswords LiteDjurkorsord Lite app

Animal Crosswords Lite is the free version of Animal Crosswords and contains 8 crossword puzzles with more than 40 words that children learn to spell in the beginning.

Download it if you want your kids to test the app before buying the real game!





Animal Crosswords


Animal Crosswords is also available in Swedish!